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Welcome to Lingovox Translation Studio!

  • We specialize in Spanish and English legal translation (i.e., contracts, court documents, mortgage agreements, etc.)
  • We also work with medical documents, financial statements, websites, social media posts, press releases, etc.
  • We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at conferences, seminars, depositions, courtroom hearings, employee training sessions, homeowner association meetings, etc.
  • We also provide editing and proofreading, audio transcriptions, subtitles, live captions (CART services), and voiceovers, adaptation
  • Our team consists of highly qualified translators and interpreters with the credentials to produce quality work and certify it, including master and doctoral degrees, ATA certification, USCCI certification, and 20+ years of experience.
  • 60 professionals worldwide
  • Over 200 clients
  • Languages offered: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Haitian, German, Jamaican Patois, Dutch, Chinese, Czech, American Sign Language (ASL), Puerto Rico Sign Language (PRSL)
  • Some of our clients include DoorDash, U.S. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, Centers for Disease Control, Atención Atención, 
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